Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Polkerris, Watercolour

Mummy and Hamish on the beach at Polkerris on the last Sunday of October last year. We were feeling sad because of Dilly. We had a delicious lunch at the pub and then joined all the families on the beach soaking up the very last vestiges of the summer heat. The sun was bright and in our eyes and everything was in silhouette.

Polkerris always makes me think of summer with the whole family arriving by car, walking or sailing. Always a challenge to get everyone there and back especially the time when the wind picked up and I had Oliver and Livvy in the Mirror with huge waves and no bailer! Hame kept a weather eye on us from his surf board as he wizzed out to sea and back. He had loads of fun!


Louis said...


Congratulations on this wonderful blog! We will be checking in frequently to see your beautiful pieces of work! Soon, we hope to own one!

Ilene and Louis

Janey G said...

Lui... this is really wondeful... Very precious - J x

alicestreet said...

I love your paintings. Thank you.