Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Expectant Ewes

I can happily spend all day in the barn with the expectant ewes and new mothers with their lambs. If I don't move too much they become fairly accustomed to my prescenc. I love their peacefulness and baaing and cud chewing and hot panting breath. They are so beautiful. I keep quiet and then Hannah comes in with the bottled milk and they all rise and move off, and the lambs bleat and tear around. This painting is in Art in the Garden, the fund raising event for the Historical Soc. in Washington Pa on Sunday 9th Sept

'Peppers and Tomatoes in Green Bowl' Oil on board 14x11 inches

Peppers and tomatoes. Slight variation on a theme! tomorrow I am going to buy peaches from Simmon's farm as I have heard they are wonderful.

Pont Creek

This is a small oil painting for the Art in the Garden fund raising event for the Historical Society at the Le Moyne Garden in Washington this coming Sunday afternoon (Sept 9th). The house is on a small tributary off the Fowey river in Cornwall, England and is owned by the National Trust and can be rented. It is a delightful place for a holiday. Wonderful walks, beaches, pubs, (pubs on beaches) and sailing, scuba diving and gardens and National Trust houses to visit.Try to go during regatta week in late August if you get the chance. Lots to do and completely picturesque .

tomato still life #2

It seems as though I am doing a series of tomato paintings. It is always a dilemma whether to paint them or eat them!

Tomatoes in green bowl #1

Huge and juicy tommies from Miriam and David's garden looking stunning in my big green bowl. She is busy canning and I am busy painting!

Butternut Squash

I seem to have been bothered by painters block so went back to basics and have been painting all the beautiful and delicious veggies we have been given by our friends.

My Responsibility

This is one of a series of paintings requested for the Sewickley Farm Show. It is a painting of Hannah from the Elysian Farm feeding her lamb. I asked her if she came and played with the lambs after school every day and she exclaimed, "Oh no! He's my responsibility!" Hence the title .

Monday, March 5, 2007

The Hoppers house from the woods

I went for a walk before breakfast in order to admire the sun making beautiful blue and purple shadows on the snow. I walked down through the little strip of woodland that follows a small stream below our house and liked the way I could see the Hoppers house through the trees.In spite of the cold the birds were singing their little hearts out.

Miss Lovejoy's Lane in blue.Watercolour and pastel

I love walking along this lane in the woods behind our house. I call it Miss Lovejoys Lane because back in the 1800's having sold the property, the right of way was preserved in order that her beau could visit her.
We have recently had the most beautiful snow and ice storms. Jeremy and I went for a walk in the woods and along the lane into the fields. the sky was a brilliant blue and the shadows were a stunning purple and blue. It was perishing cold so we didnt linger and went home for a cup of tea and some cake.
This painting was sold in the Washington Arts benefit silent auction

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Polkerris, Watercolour

Mummy and Hamish on the beach at Polkerris on the last Sunday of October last year. We were feeling sad because of Dilly. We had a delicious lunch at the pub and then joined all the families on the beach soaking up the very last vestiges of the summer heat. The sun was bright and in our eyes and everything was in silhouette.

Polkerris always makes me think of summer with the whole family arriving by car, walking or sailing. Always a challenge to get everyone there and back especially the time when the wind picked up and I had Oliver and Livvy in the Mirror with huge waves and no bailer! Hame kept a weather eye on us from his surf board as he wizzed out to sea and back. He had loads of fun!

Mark Stephenson, Graphite on paper

This is our dear friend Mark Stevenson, who kindly modeled for our art group in his professorial robes. John and I were fortunate enough to see him in the Quantum Theatre production of Richard II

Abraham Derby

My beloved and absolute favourite rose in the garden, with its peachy creamy yellow petals and overpowering scent.Perfect for potpourri. Accompanied by the Smoke tree, lavender daylilies and variegated grasses

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Summer Meadow Watercolour

I had the most beautiful walk through the August meadows. The grasses were backlit by the early morning light. I went on to see a flockof 6 pileated woodpeckers and a rich scarlet flush of poppies. Wonderful.

Sharon's Farm. Oil on canvas

Our first Spring evening painting with friends.Actually I lolled around on the grass avoiding cow pats and drinking beer after a long hot day at work. Wonderfully restorative and peaceful

Wave.Oil on canvas 60"x18"

We had a fantastic holiday camping in Acadia National park. Wonderful scenery. We must go back so I can paint!

Orchids, oil on board

My sister Jackie came to visit and we went to the Orchid Show in Pittsburgh. An absolutely divine collection. We stayed for hours

Nude, Charcoal and pastel on paper

This is one of the many drawings from the Carnegie Museum open model sessions which our figure drawing group attended. It was sold in the Art in the Garden fundraising event in Washington

Brood Mares, Morning Light

Dixie is the Grey, a small yet feisty arab, completely stunning and deadly to ride. Seven is the bay, a beautiful and calm quarter horse, she foaled the following Spring.N.F.S.

Mummy's hydrangea

Mummy has this huge white hydrangea which is always having to be cut back as it blocks' the view'! I painted it in oil on canvas with a palette knife which adds alot of texture. It looks wonderful in a silvery green frame. 20" x 24"


This is the bridge near Mike and Susan's beautiful log cabin home where we party on the 4th July.Horseshoes and a gourmet picnic as is typically found in Greene County. Dave Lesako and I searched for hours for a spot to paint! Bad poison ivy!


I gave this painting to my neice Lucy and her husband Paul on the occasion of their wedding. It depicts the steep cornish village of Boddinick, Daphne Du Maurier's house 'Ferryside' and this wonderful old boat that takes people out to sea for 'trips round the bay'N.F.S.

After Milking

'After milking' I painted this having had an incredibly long, boozy and delicious lunch with Jeffrey Moyer. I spotted the cows through the trees catching the last of the evening sun.It was bought in the Annual silent auction 'Art in the Garden' fundraiser for theWashington CountyHistorical Society


This is a painting of my beautiful sister Janie sitting in the sun amongst the lavender, roses and hydrangeas in my uncle's garden in Cornwall.

Fowey River Nocturne

This is the night time view across the harbour from my parents' home in Polruan. The church tower is floodlit until midnight , and the Plough lies above the twinkling town of Fowey which sparkles all night long.

Elysian Sheep

Delicious/cute looking Elysian sheep at the Martin's farm in Greene County, PA. Miriam's delectable supper proved just how scrumptious they really are. This painting was sold last summer in the 'Art in the Garden' fund raising event in Washington, Pa It will be appearing in the next edition of 'Table' with an accompanying article and recipe by Miriam Rubin