Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Elysian Sheep

Delicious/cute looking Elysian sheep at the Martin's farm in Greene County, PA. Miriam's delectable supper proved just how scrumptious they really are. This painting was sold last summer in the 'Art in the Garden' fund raising event in Washington, Pa It will be appearing in the next edition of 'Table' with an accompanying article and recipe by Miriam Rubin

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pabula_rasa said...

beautiful paintings.i wish i could be a real art critic so i can say how much i liked everything.i can use words like the play of light and shadow and your palette-but im not.

so would it suffice for me to say that looking at your paintings made me wish i could capture life as you do?

i liked your nudes too.the flowers,the portraits and the sea...

have a wonderful day ms rachel.