Monday, February 28, 2011

Carnegie late summer afternoon

I have been playing around with cropping and find it so interesting how it can drammatically change the impact of a painting. This painting is fun as a tryptych


I am an absolute fan of live jazz and it is always such a treat to listen to our brilliant friend Josh Dunlevy on his sax. This is a crop from a bigger painting of ther Jazz band with Josh Dunlevy and Daniel Baker

Old Man

This was a sweet old man very focused on his sketching and I switched my attention on him because I started to mess up on my painting. So I flipped over the board and caught him from behind. This is a cropped image for a bookmark. I like how the grain of the board made him look as if he is out of and floating above the universe

Dowager Duchess to Tea

I remember reading how Singer Sargent would paint fast and with a sure hand. Ive been trying to work fast and even faster. We are lucky if we have 2 hrs to paint a figure and once I get home I cannot seem to 'finish 'them and tend to mess up. So I end up with oil sketches and here is one of Kathleen Mitchell modelling her antique clothing. She seemed very Dowageryish and Duchessy to me. Although if you know Kathleen, you will agree she is not in the slightest bit frightening

Reflecting.....goose goose duck

I am dithering. when i first spotted these geese and a duck chatting away i was enamoured by their wonderful reflections. Steve Leonardi suggested i call it, 'goose goose duck' which made me laugh. It was one of Oliver's favourite games as a small child and Steve was his swim coach. So perhaps it is 'Reflecting.... goose, goose duck'