Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Expectant Ewes

I can happily spend all day in the barn with the expectant ewes and new mothers with their lambs. If I don't move too much they become fairly accustomed to my prescenc. I love their peacefulness and baaing and cud chewing and hot panting breath. They are so beautiful. I keep quiet and then Hannah comes in with the bottled milk and they all rise and move off, and the lambs bleat and tear around. This painting is in Art in the Garden, the fund raising event for the Historical Soc. in Washington Pa on Sunday 9th Sept

'Peppers and Tomatoes in Green Bowl' Oil on board 14x11 inches

Peppers and tomatoes. Slight variation on a theme! tomorrow I am going to buy peaches from Simmon's farm as I have heard they are wonderful.

Pont Creek

This is a small oil painting for the Art in the Garden fund raising event for the Historical Society at the Le Moyne Garden in Washington this coming Sunday afternoon (Sept 9th). The house is on a small tributary off the Fowey river in Cornwall, England and is owned by the National Trust and can be rented. It is a delightful place for a holiday. Wonderful walks, beaches, pubs, (pubs on beaches) and sailing, scuba diving and gardens and National Trust houses to visit.Try to go during regatta week in late August if you get the chance. Lots to do and completely picturesque .

tomato still life #2

It seems as though I am doing a series of tomato paintings. It is always a dilemma whether to paint them or eat them!

Tomatoes in green bowl #1

Huge and juicy tommies from Miriam and David's garden looking stunning in my big green bowl. She is busy canning and I am busy painting!

Butternut Squash

I seem to have been bothered by painters block so went back to basics and have been painting all the beautiful and delicious veggies we have been given by our friends.

My Responsibility

This is one of a series of paintings requested for the Sewickley Farm Show. It is a painting of Hannah from the Elysian Farm feeding her lamb. I asked her if she came and played with the lambs after school every day and she exclaimed, "Oh no! He's my responsibility!" Hence the title .