Sunday, March 2, 2008

Self Portrait in Gardening Hat 12 x 16 inches Oil on Board

Hi everybody! I have had to resort to painting myself when I am short of 'victims' to paint. Sargent says a portrait is, "something is wrong with the mouth" I know what he means.

Lauren 10 x 14 graphite sketch

Lauren is one of the models at the Carnegie and is always great to draw. She usually wears glasses and pulls her red hair up in a fun spikey twisty way.She is pierced in several places and has peacock feather tattoos on her back which always give me trouble. Last Friday she brought lots of black gauze and sheer long gowns she had picked up at Goodwill for next to nothing. Aha! new title! 'Next to Nothing'

Lauren. Body piercing 14 x 11 Oil on board

This is Lauren who has frightening looking body piercings. The ones in her sternum look uncomfortable to me. I thought she might find them uncomfortable to lie on but she swears they dont!

Daniel Baker 16 x 24 inches. Oil on board

Our surprise model this week was Daniel Baker who is this awesome jazz guitarist. He has fantastic red hair in dreadlocks down to his waist and it was really fun painting him and watching his intensity and absorption as he played. We had the usual gang for drink and draw and everyone did really wonderful drawings /paintings