Saturday, February 23, 2008

Water, Water!

Fowey Regatta is so much fun. I love to get out onto the castle rock and watch the racing around the mark in the harbour mouth as you are so close to the action. It is especially exhilarating when the sea is heaving and the wind is strong as in this painting. The Troys pass so close to each other with their bow sprits like lances and everyone is yelling "'Water! Water!" "Starboard!!! Starboard!!!" I painted it with a palette knife to add to the excitement. Hame and Hal have this painting

'Mary Ann' Oil Sketch on board 16x16 inches

We were at Mary Anne and Richard's New Year's Eve party and I spotted Mary Anne looking lovely in this corner of her dining room and I loved seeing her in her green apron against the greeny blue cupboard. She very sweetly let me come back and we toured her greenhouse and had her delicious soup and bread and she sat still so I could paint her.

'Tarra in a Sari' Oil sketch on board 12x14 inches

Tarra turned up at Ray Dunlevy's open studio session with a beautiful sari and had some wine and pizza and fell asleep.

'Tarra Seated' Oil sketch on board 16x14 inches

John said I should add a beer and call it 'Boobs butt and beer" and someone could hang it up in their garage. I painted this at Ray Dunlevy's Tuesday evening sessions. Tarra is a fabulous model and friend and I love to paint her

'The Children' oil on board 32x24 inches

This painting is taken from one of daddy's slides. From left to right Jeremy, Janie and Jacquie. I feel as though I am looking through daddy's eyes and they are full of so much love and gentleness.

'Four Hats' Oil on board. 21x24 inches

This painting came from one of daddy's old slides. I have lovely memories of family slide shows and daddy particularly enjoyed them when he was ill. He had a wonderful eye and seemed drawn to strong light and shadow.

'Seated Nude' oil sketch on board 12x11

I have been attending the open figure sessions at the Carnegie Museum and this is one of our favourite models. Speed is of the essence and I am getting faster at capturing the figure.